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The Thomas & Mack Center has four parking lots around the building. The lots are designated by color (Red, Scarlet and Gray) and numbered sections. Disabled parking and VIP parking areas are available in all lots.

  • 30 acres for 4,000 spaces.
  • Dimensions:
    • Red Parking Lot: 1050' x 430' - 1200 parking spaces
    • Scarlet Parking Lot: 928' x 825' - 1300 parking spaces
    • Gray Parking Lot: 1100' x 870' - 1000 parking spaces

Kenny Sasaki
Senior Event Manager

Bus / Limousine Parking

Bus and limousine parking is easily accommodated for any event need. Contact the External Coordinator for arrangements.

Parking Passes / Show Parking

There is limited parking available for your event staff parking needs. Parking for multiple busses and trucks is also available with limited electrical hookups in the Center's production compound.

Parking Charges

The Thomas & Mack Center is responsible for all parking lot operations and retains all revenue collected. The prices for parking are determined on an event-by-event basis.

Parking Lot Policies

  • No overnight parking is permitted unless related to an event and approved by Center management.
  • The passing out of flyers or selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited by outside groups or individuals without the permission of Center management.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the parking lots.
  • No tailgating or similar parties will be permitted in the parking lots.
  • Valid parking passes must be clearly displayed to obtain free or VIP parking at Center events.