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Eviction Policy

The following are cause for eviction from Thomas & Mack Center and Cox Pavilion:

  • Offensive or profane language and threatening language to other guests.
  • Possession of any unauthorized banners or signs.
  • Possession of bottles, cans, squirt bottles or other containers not permitted in the arena.
  • Possession of firearms, knives (with or without sheath), horns, air horns, whistles, other irregular sound devices, bars, sticks, clubs, poles over 20" length, sling shots, fish nets or other net material, beach balls, frisbees, skateboards, roller skates, live pets (including all animals and reptiles except seeing eye or hearing dogs) or any object which obstructs the vision of adjacent guests.
  • Failure to wear shoes, thongs, sandals or other protective foot covering.
  • Refusing to move from an area or seat to which the guest does not have access or tickets permitting access (such as the private Club level), or entry into a restroom of the opposite gender.
  • Spitting and throwing or dropping objects, liquid or ice on seating, playing surface, or stage areas inside and outside the arena. (Special exceptions given at hockey games for hats thrown onto the ice to recognize a player achieving a "hat trick.")
  • Public drunkenness.
  • The passing of alcohol to minors, or using a false identification to purchase alcohol.
  • Possession of stolen tickets.
  • Fighting or threatening to fight.