Phone: 702.895.3895

Internet Services

Ethernet Drops

  • Each drop is a minimum 10Mbps Ethernet connection (not DSL or cable modem).
  • Your bandwidth to the internet is guaranteed to the minimum of the circuit speed that is ordered.
  • The building is capable of providing a range of speeds from 10Mb up to 500Mb circuits.
  • Third party circuits can be ordered from outside vendors to supply additional bandwidth if necessary. You will be responsible for coordinating any circuits purchased through a third party vendor.
  • Private VLAN networks can be configured for your use.
  • Private and Public IP addresses are available via DHCP and Static IP.

Wireless Connections

  • Wireless is available in both, the Thomas & Mack Center Arena and Cox Pavilion Arena, as well as the public meeting spaces in the Thomas & Mack Center (maps available upon request).
  • Wireless networks must be requested in advance. There are no free public WiFi networks available inside the venues.
  • Pre-paid and group access pass codes are available in advance of the show.

Internet Restrictions

  • Our Internet network is not firewalled; no ports are blocked for incoming or outgoing connections.
  • Private / Firewalled networks are available.
  • We charge for each individual cable that is installed. If you have a room requiring more than one Ethernet connection, you are more than welcome to bring a network switch to break out the connection yourself and reduce your internet costs.


  • We have a helpdesk available to troubleshoot internet issues. However, we will only cover the circuit and equipment we supply. We will not troubleshoot personal computers or equipment.
  • Our contact number is: 702.895.4722


  • Please contact your Event Coordinator or Catering Manager for current pricing information.
  • VLAN, equipment, and dedicated circuit rates are available upon request.

To order Internet Service, please contact:
Mark Horn, Communications System Specialist II
Phone: 702.895.1742
Fax: 702.895.1581