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Thomas & Mack Center

Forklifts (propane powered)*:

  • Four (4) 8,000 lb. load capacity
  • One (1) 6,000 lb. load capacity (side shift capabilities, 157” lift and extensions)
  • One (1) 4,000 lb. load capacity
Scissor Lifts (battery powered)*:
  • One (1) Skyjack 5,075 lbs., 32’ total platform height, 700 lb. capacity
  • One (1) Skyjack 4,100 lbs., 20’ total platform height, 1,100 lb. capacity

Arena Sound

  • 30,000 watt Apogee / JBL sound system
  • Automatic switching for all configurations
  • Arena mixing console: 32-input for stage events
  • Live audio/visual reinforcement and related equipment
  • Audio playback capabilities include MC support, CD / mp3 players and most other media file types
  • In-house Clear-Com system with backstage, spotlight / camera basket coverage capabilities
  • Fully equipped Audex infrared system for hearing impaired
  • Acoustically treated ceiling
  • Separate sound system used for crowd control communication, positioned in front exterior of Arena

Theatrical and Staging Equipment

  • 100’ of 2’ box lighting truss
  • Basic theatrical lighting control capabilities (limited supply of actual theatrical lighting)
  • 350 metal halide candles, capable of light “washing” entire area of arena floor*
  • House curtain configurations include a variety of concert looks and the ability to fully or partially cover top-half sections of arena seating*
  • Nivoflex – Staging 1 x 3 meters, Risers 4' x 8'*
  • 1,100 chairs, including numerous floor seating configuration options*


  • Six (6) Zenon Supertroopers (permanently mounted, located in high mezzanine baskets)
  • Two (2) Zenon Gladiators (permanently mounted, located in high mezzanine baskets)
  • Two (2) Lycian Long-Throw (portable units, set in balcony baskets)
  • Four (4) Superstar 1.2’s (portable units, set in balcony baskets)

Spotlight / Camera Baskets

  • Eight (8) baskets evenly located and set throughout ring-beam of Arena balcony
  • Easily accessible via lower level
  • Fully equipped with power, Clear-Com and Triax connections*

Arena Video

  • LED video scoreboards
  • In-house video modulation system with closed single circuit video or cable feeds
  • Television monitors located in each private box suite (full video capabilities)
  • Wall mounted flat screen LCD monitors, newly installed throughout entire concourse, as well as both ‘The Club’ and the ‘Jack Daniels Bar’
  • Daktronics video display boards
  • Four (4) black and white programmable reader boards

Exterior LED Marquee

  • 20’ x 25’, 16mm, two-sided, state-of-the-art electronic video display street marquee
  • Set at one of Las Vegas’ most traveled intersections, Tropicana and Swenson, visible from all angles of the intersection and all directions of traffic between McCarran Airport and the Strip
  • Continuously powered on, running ads and promos for facility events 24 hours a day

* Equipment surcharges apply.

Cox Pavilion


  • Myers MSL 4’s – eight (8) cabinets, Bi-amp stereo mix
  • Yamaha 2404 console

Sound & Lights

  • Positioned and set 90’ off down-stage edge
  • Set positions 12’ x 12’ in diameter each
  • Side-by-side set position

Spotlights / Spotlight Baskets

  • Two (2) portable Lycian long-throw 1.2 “Super Stars”
  • Four (4) permanently mounted Lycian long throw 1.2 “Super Stars”
  • Two (2) separate spotlight baskets, one each located both front of house sides left / right


  • Various sizes available for use
  • Maximum stage width 40’
  • Maximum stage depth 32’
  • Staging covered with grey carpet or black marley top during show / production use