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Building Specifications

Thomas & Mack Center

Arena Floor
The all-concrete Arena floor is 25,000 square feet with the courtside seats retracted (210 ft x 118 ft) or 10,000 square feet with the courtside seats in place (120 ft x 84 ft).

Back Stage Tunnel
Two convenient unloading bays divided by a wall enable two semi-trucks to load and unload, totally unobstructed. One door is 12' 6" wide and the other is 10' 8" wide, both are 14' 4" high.

  • One of the tunnels has water & a drain available.
  • Doors are 135' from stage. No obstruction to the stage. All concrete flooring.
  • Storage room adjacent to tunnels is 88' x 35' with a separate roll-up door.
  • Parking area for 20 trucks is separate from public parking lots.
  • Strict security guidelines prevent unauthorized backstage access.
  • Limited bus hookups are available for use on performance day only.
  • An 8' tunnel leads from locker rooms to arena floor.


  • 35,000 square feet.
  • Height at sides varies from 13' to 20'.
  • Painted from floor to ceiling.
  • Completely tiled.
  • Has televisions that can broadcast live house feeds, cable T.V., VHS, Beta, or DVD videos.
  • Has an electronic message board located inside the main entrance.
  • There are 30 luxury suites containing 450 seats leased on an annual basis. Most are equipped with stereo systems, cable television, wet bars, microwave ovens, refrigerators and video systems.

Locker/Dressing Room Facilities
Thomas & Mack Center provides a total of six locker / dressing rooms and an office. Access to and from the locker/dressing rooms is through the truck tunnel or from the arena floor by separate hallways.

  • Regular locker/dressing rooms - Each of these four rooms (A, B, C & D) is carpeted. The rooms can accommodate up to 20 people. Restroom & shower facilities.
  • Small locker/dressing room - This room has carpeting and a bench. It accommodates up to 10 people. Restroom & shower facilities.
  • The large locker/dressing room - This room has carpeting and is furnished with 20 permanent lockers. It can accommodate up to 35 people. Restroom & shower facilities.
  • Production Room - This room is carpeted, is phone line ready and has no facilities.

Press Room/Production Offices/Artists & Staff Catering

  • The Backstage Cafe is 2,000 square feet and fully carpeted.
  • Has multiple telephone combination hookup capabilities.
  • Has four (4) T.V. monitors and in-house closed circuit & cable television.
  • Has portable risers; one set is usually set for talent with the other set used for T.V. cameras, if requested.
  • Can be used as a cafeteria for artist and staff.

Meeting Rooms

  • The main meeting room, the Board Room, is 91' x 59'.
  • The Si Redd Room is 112' x 42'.
  • Two 25' x 35' meeting rooms are available for large or small group entertainment. These two rooms can also expand into one 75' x 35' meeting room.
  • All meeting rooms are fully carpeted, equipped with overhead lighting, have complete audio & visual, and phone line capabilities.

Production Parking Lot

  • The lot is a pie shaped measuring approximately 210' x 300' x 370'.
  • The lot is secured by a 6’ fence & is separate from the public lots.
  • There is shore power in the lot. We have 1 x 100 amp 208/240v 3 phase, along with 2 x 200 amp 208/240v 3 phase.
  • There is room for approximately 18 trucks and 6 buses, or 103 normal parking stalls.

Cox Pavilion

Facility Dimensions

  • 145’ x 164’ / 23,870 sq. ft.
  • 36’ to low steel

Ceiling / Rigging

  • Main beams 20,000 lbs
  • Intermediate beams 10,000 lbs

Freight Elevator

  • 9'4" wide x 9' high x 13'4" long
  • Weight capacity 16,000 lbs (forklift capable)

Loading Docks

  • Two (2) 8’ ½” x 10’ separate side-by-side bays, each with separate roll-up door
  • Left Bay – 4’ ground to dock plate leveler (5” working range above / below leveler edge)
  • Right Bay – 4’ ground to dock, no dock plate leveler
  • Level grade truck approach for both
  • Forklift, scissor lift, pallet jack and hand-load capable dock area
  • Simultaneous dual truck load/unload capability (left bay is semi size truck capable and/or passenger size van up to medium-duty truck capacity for right side bay)
  • Single floor level distance between loading dock (level one) and Arena (level two), accessed via freight elevator or stairwell

Production Parking Lot

  • Located on SE side of building
  • Capable of housing four (4) trucks and six (6) buses (additional parking available upon request)

Room Accommodations

  • Two (2) separate dressing / locker rooms, each equipped with restroom and shower facilities
  • Two (2) adjoining Conference/Meeting Rooms accessed via Cox Lobby
    (additional space available upon request)
    (please refer to page 12 of this packet for room specifics)