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General Booking Information

Promoter is responsible for the Venue Rent plus the following Venue Use Fees:

  • Equipment Rental
  • Clean-up
  • Conversion
  • Ticket Office Services
  • Staffing
  • Live Entertainment Tax

Minimum Building Expenses
VENUE agrees to provide LICENSEE with an estimated cost of minimum building expenses for the event. If, within fourteen (14) days prior to the Event Date, LICENSEE does not have sufficient funds in the Ticket Office to cover minimal building expenses, VENUE has the right to cancel the event.

Tickets are sold exclusively through UNLVtickets outlets, Venue Ticket Office and Internet ( All tickets sold are subject to a $4.00 facility fee that is added to the price of the ticket.

"Gross Ticket Sales"
Defined as "the gross amount paid for tickets, admissions or any rights to admissions after deducting only any applicable federal, state, or local admission taxes. Gross receipts shall be determined irrespective of whether paid in cash or otherwise and irrespective of the failure of the holder of any admission ticket to use same."

Certificate of Insurance:
Promoter must provide, from a company with an AM-BEST rating of at least "A-", a minimum of $1,000,000 commercial general liability policy. In preparing the Certificate of Insurance, UNLV's representative for Risk Management has provided two alternative methods:

  • If Certificate Holder reads: "Board of Regents, University and Community College System of Nevada on behalf of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the {VENUE NAME}", then the Additional Insured may be listed simply as "Certificate Holder".
  • If the Certificate Holder is not designated as above, then the Additional Insured must carry the above clause.
The University address of 4505 South Maryland Parkway/Box 450003, Las Vegas NV 89154-0003, should appear on the certificate. (Please see attached sample for further clarification.) Please review the contract for full requirements and deadline information.

Artist Contract:
First-time promoters must provide signed artist’s contracts prior to tickets being placed on sale.

Venue Contract:
All arrangements are considered to be tentative until a License Application has been fully executed and returned. Signed building contract must be received prior to tickets being placed on sale.

Venue to vend all merchandise. Merchandise Split is 35/65 (Venue/Promoter).

Venue to schedule and Promoter to pay for all staff including security, police and stagehands. (See Labor Rates.)

Live Entertainment Tax:
The Live Entertainment Tax is applied on gross ticket sales effective January 1, 2004. For venues of 7500 or more seats (Thomas & Mack Center), a 5% Live Entertainment Tax will be levied on gross ticket sales. For venues with fewer than 7500 seats (Cox Pavilion), a 10% Live Entertainment Tax will be levied on gross ticket sales, merchandise sales, and food and beverage sales. This is in addition to the sales tax that already applied to merchandise and food and beverage sales. The Live Entertainment Tax will be added to the price of the ticket and must be reported to the Nevada Department of Taxation. Non-profit organizations are exempt from the Live Entertainment Tax. Nevada Sales Tax Commission requires LICENSEE to provide VENUE a copy of the "IRS Determination Letter" as proof of Non-Profit status.

Labor Rates:
* Front of House Labor Rates:

  • Event Supervisor - $25.00/hr
  • Usher Supervisor - $17.00/hr
  • Usher - $15.00/hr
  • Ticket Taker - $15.00/hr
  • Traffic Controller Supervisor - $17.00/hr
  • Traffic Controller - $15.00/hr
  • Lieutenant - $79.56/hr
  • Sergeant - $73.32/hr
  • Motor Officer - $61.36/hr
  • Patrol Officer - $58.24/hr
  • Medical Coverage - varies
** Production Rates:
  • Building Engineer - $40.00/hr
  • Production Steward - $40.00/hr
  • Audio Visual Technician - $40.00/hr
  • House Lights Technician - $40.00/hr
  • Head Production Rigger - $50.00/hr
  • High Steel Rigger - $55.00/hr
  • Ground Rigger - $45.00/hr
  • Truss Spot Operator - $33.00/hr
  • Spotlight Operator - $30.00/hr
  • Forklift Operator - $30.00/hr
  • Truck Loader - $32.00/hr
  • Stagehand/House Crew - $30.00/hr
  • Wardrobe Assistant - $30.00/hr
  • Production Runner - $20.00/hr
  • Production Assistant - $20.00/hr
** Post Clean-Up:
  • Clean-Up Supervisor - $15.00/hr
  • Clean-Up Supervisor Assistant - $10.00/hr
  • Clean-Up Post - $8.50/hr
** Production Labor Calls Have A Four (4) Hour Minimum
** Meal Penalty Charges After Five (5)

All figures are presented for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as binding in any way upon the Thomas & Mack Center. Rates and charges are subject to change.

Booking Contact:
For more information, contact:
Booking Office
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Catering Contact:
For more information, contact:
Cheryl Sgovio, CPCE
Director of Catering & Convention Sales
Phone: 702.895.1028
Fax: 702.895.1581